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I haven’t always journaled. I’m not even sure when I started. I think it was after I had my 3rd child. I would have to go into the attic and dig through the big box that contains all of my past notebooks to know for sure. I’m not sure why I’ve kept them. Maybe for my kids to read someday. Maybe because I didn’t want to just trash them. After all, my heart and soul were poured out in them. Or maybe because God wanted me to use the contents of them for a future purpose. I had no idea that I would be using some of those entries for a blog!

A quiet time in the morning before everyone wakes up is very important to me. I need it for myself. I feel much better when I take the time to sit and relax with my drink of choice in a comfy spot to sit with my journal, my phone (for the Bible app), and my Bible.

I usually start by dating the page for reference. I then start recollecting the previous day’s happenings, things that bothered me, my plans for the current day, etc. I thank God for yesterday’s events, pray about those things that bothered me, and ask for guidance for the day ahead, etc. Some days I have a lot to write about, others not so much. At times I have written very hard and in big letters. Those would have been the times I was very mad. My heart pours out when I journal. I really don’t plan what I will write about. It just flows. I also write in cursive for this part. (I’ll tell you why this is so significant later) After I feel like I have all my thoughts out, I start with my Bible study time. I usually have one or two devotions I do at a time. If, while reading, I come across a great thought, quote, or verse that really speaks to me I will write it down in print in my journal. I do this in print so that there is a distinction between the two parts of my journal and I can come back and locate it later if need be. I have done this from the beginning. I guess God knew that I would need to go back and use my journals and wanted to make it easier for me.

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