And My Story Continues…

The newest member of the family was around a year old when a change took place in the way I managed my diabetes. A new adventure awaited with an insulin pump! With 3 kids this would be a much easier way to keep it under control. An insulin pump is a small computerized medical device that mimics a human pancreas by delivering small doses of short-acting insulin continuously. It also delivers insulin when you eat by way of a bolus. The pump is connected to you by an infusion set that you change every 2-3 days. An insulin pump keeps your sugars in a more normal range. This would take some getting used to but I was up for it.

The new pump came with learning more about nutrition and how my body reacts to foods. My education on how to manage my diabetes continued. I was slowly getting the hang of the pump and was learning more each day. Being type 1 insulin-dependent takes A LOT of work. It’s a 24/7 disease. Each day is a new challenge. Just because something worked one day doesn’t mean it’ll work the next day. Our bodies are a complex system and I was learning just how much so.

Life continued with 3 growing kids. Our 2 oldest kids were in school and I was enjoying life with one at home. All was good. For the next 5 years, life went along at our new normal. Then things started to get stirred up. God was speaking to me about homeschooling the kids. We were also going to be moving. The fun was about to begin!

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