One Adventure After Another

The decision to move and to homeschool the kids was made. I prepared and was ready for both challenges. We would be moving into our new house in late fall. For the time being, we were living and doing school in a 32′ camper. An 8th grader, a 5th grader, and a Kindergartener. It was a challenge but we managed. Move-in was right on schedule. Then the ice storm came. That was a mess! After that ordeal life continued on as normal for the next few years. I was managing my diabetes much better and felt pretty good about it. The pump was doing well and I was thankful for it.

Then we had a BIG surprise. We found out that we were expecting…again!! Life as we knew it was about to be turned upside down. After the initial shock, we resumed life as usual. I was going to manage my diet and diabetes much better than the last time. I had a very good OBGYN and was still seeing my endocrinologist, both of which were in the same network and were in communication with each other. Then in late summer, another surprise, my water started leaking. I wasn’t due until mid-December so that wasn’t a good thing. I went to the hospital and was admitted. I stayed for a week and was released with strict guidelines. Upon returning home I took it as easy as I could. Two weeks later my water started leaking again! I packed up for the long haul and headed to the hospital again. This time I was there for 6 weeks!

Life was very challenging for those 6 weeks. My sugars and the baby were kept under strict watch by my doctors. Our oldest took care of and helped the younger two with their school while my husband went to work. I very much dreaded staying there in that room by myself. It was made bearable by getting to have the kids come and stay the night with me. Good friends and family helped me tremendously as I waited patiently for the time to come to meet this new one. Without my faith in God and my loving husband, I would’ve totally lost it.

The day finally came when I could deliver! Six weeks early but I knew that he would be fine. A very tiny baby was placed in my arms on that November day. I felt relief and thankfulness. During all of this, my diabetes was kept under very tight control. I was able to manage it myself and have a very successful pregnancy with no health complications to either of us.

We soon fell into a routine of doing school and life with a newborn. It was good to be back in my domain with all of my family!

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