My Story

The Beginning!

Well, here it is. The beginning of my health journey story!

It all started when I was pregnant with my second child. I had developed gestational diabetes. Diabetes! “What is this?”, I thought. I had no idea. I thought it meant no sugar, like desserts or anything sweet. Boy, was I in for a surprise! I had a dear friend who I went to church with at the time who was very helpful in my education of this disease. I remember her and I going through my kitchen looking at the labels of my food. That’s when I discovered what carbs were. I had never really paid attention to those. Maybe I would glance at the fat content but that was the extent of label reading. My how I have changed.

I had to check my blood sugar at least 4 times a day. The health of the little one growing inside of me depended on my maintaining control of my sugars. I also had to give myself shots 4 times a day! Another big thing to grasp. The idea of sticking myself with needle and inflicting a bit of pain was not easy. I felt like a druggie every time I pulled out the needle and stuck it in my thigh. I managed it though.

I had hoped that after the delivery of my son that this aweful disease would disappear just like all of the uncomfortableness of being pregnant. I stopped taking shots after delivery. All seemed to be going well. I was tired but that came with the territory of having a newborn and a 5 year old. I was also thirsty, but that’s because I was nursing, so I thought. It wasn’t untill my Grandma called and asked me how I was doing did I realize that something wasn’t quite right. I had no energy and had a very dry mouth. I put 2 and 2 together and checked my sugars as soon as I hung up. My meter read “HI”! That meant that my sugars were over 500!!

I don’t recall all that happened next for sure. I do remember trying a diabetic pill to see if that would help my sugars stay in range though. I also had a blood test done to check if I had Type 1. The results hit me hard. I was stuck with this disease. A heavy weight had been placed on my shoulders. A life sentence of sorts. I was a Type 1 Diabetic!

Many doctor visits and visits with diabetic educators came after that. I started shots again. Life would never be the same. I had to adjust to a new normal; one with a 5 year old, a baby and a new disease that I didn’t really know enough about.

That was the start of my health journey. It is not how I would have chosen the beginning but God had other plans for me. He has seen me through alot of ups and downs with this disease and continues to do so every day.

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